The Boy

The Son and The Girlie

The (My) Mum – so, so much missed

The Dad

The Family

The friends and the so-called friends

The ones who have never met you but know you.

The ones who think they know you but don’t.

The ones who want to give you the benefit of their opinion when they don’t know you at all.

There are moments when I just want to run away, leave the phone and the world behind. I’d give almost anything for a week to myself: no phone; just me, books and music, and the ocean of course.

There are other, better moments, more numerous, when I look at the world and take joy in the sky, the people around me, and the tiny, beautiful details of our lives.

Life is a delight, difficult, and full of love.

Who knew there was so much love and selflessness in the world?

Who knew it takes about 50 muscles to swallow?