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Untitled I


You worry that I
Will wilt and die

Through guilt.

And grief.


I’m made of stronger stuff.

Stuff that bends

but does not break.


I’m like the sand.

The waves break over me,

Change my shape.

I  remain.





Every time I walk across the sand, I think: “I’m the first”.

The wind has blown it into this shape, I’m the first to walk here, in just this place.

Life’s like that.

We all walk in a place where no one has been before.

My Diary


My diary

The book was my confidante, I didn’t have anyone else.

The one person I confided in was letting me down.

He was my darling boy.

Perfect, but imperfect.

Everything I wanted, yet flawed.

But I loved those flaws.

If only he’d confided in me.
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