Nine years today since our world turned upside down.

I was reminded this morning on facebook, how could I forget, by all the posts that I had done over the years gone by.

They are, each and every one, very sad.

This year, things are different.

John has made enormous progress. He moved rooms in the nursing home to an area where there is not so much dementia and, as a result, sleeps well. He has his own bathroom.

Two little things that make a huge difference.

He went to an art class late last year and he’ll be going to more, thanks to NDIS funding.

There’s now gym every week. A normal gym where he goes into the zone and works out as hard as he can go. Thanks Steph!

He’s calm, no more lability.

Life is on the up, both for John and for me and our family.

We’re working hard. We’re buying food and cooking meals.

I shower every day, wash my clothes and bedding. This sounds awful but for a long time I didn’t care.

I’m thinking of buying a bicycle!

Love to all of you who have given so much support and love over the last nine years.

My gratitude is now the only thing that makes me cry.

This painting by the man who was never supposed to wake up.