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Summer Night

Mr heart creaks,
And cracks.
I walk outside
And see the stars shining, and
A tiny wisp of breeze
Stirs the leaves.

And I think of those
Who sleep
(I hope)
And those
Who cannot

You Sleep

You, asleep.

Deep, slow breaths
(you told me once that I breathe so slowly when asleep that you worry)

Your face
Half a lifetime etched there, 
Relaxed now.

Do your dreams make sense of this dream-like life you now lead?

I know you do not dream the old, terrible dreams
Because I have sat with you through many a night.

One thing remains from the old life:

When I come close:
You stir,
And tell me you love me.


Oh, how I wish
To just sleep,
Sleep with you.

Kisses and whispers,
Then sleep.
Snuggled close.

Moving, through the night
Away from each other
But always contact,
A foot, a hand.

Snuggled close.

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